We’ve just published two new Working Papers: one on Water reform in South Africa, the other on polio vaccine development. Photo: Growing vegetables near the Driekoppies dam, Lomati river by Synne Movik

In policy discussions in post-apartheid South Africa, existing users were strongly protected, and redistribution to ‘historically disadvantaged individuals’ was seen as risky. The Water Reform paper looks at how that affected the redistribution of water use rights.

The other new Working Paper, on Vaccines, looks at what it takes to allow reliable knowledge to build up in developing a vaccine – and what’s missing from current policy debates.

As always, you can download both papers and the summary briefing from our Publications page.

The Dynamics and Discourses of Water Allocation Reform in South Africa
Reforming Water Rights: Dynamics, Discourses and Risks (Summary Briefing)
Knowledge Accumulation and the Development of Poliomyelitis Vaccines