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The STEPS Europe Hub builds on longstanding joint work on transformations and resilience, and how technology, innovation and politics relate to concepts around planetary boundaries and the ‘Anthropocene’. The Europe Hub is a collaboration between the ESRC STEPS Centre in the UK and the Stockholm Resilience Centre in Sweden and is part of the Pathways to Sustainability Global Consortium.

This page showcases the joint work between these two centres and any activities of the Global Consortium that relate to Europe. For more information on each centre, visit the STEPS Centre homepage and the Stockholm Resilience Centre website.

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Paper: Transforming Innovation for Sustainability

Transforming InnovationA radical new approach to innovation is urged in this paper by STEPS, Stockholm Resilience Centre and Tellus Institute. Keeping human societies within a ‘safe operating space’ is urgently needed, but delivering on this requires a radically new approach to innovation, that gives far greater recognition and power to grassroots actors and processes, involving them within an inclusive, multi-scale innovation politics.

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