STEPS research has aimed to open up different pathways to sustainable development that can meet the needs of poor and marginalised people, in the context of rapid and complex social, technological and environmental change.

Explore the archive of our research, publications and activities under the following themes below, or view the whole list of STEPS projects.

List of STEPS projects

Photo credits:
1. Health and disease – Mother and child – Credit: MamaYe Africa. 2. Food and Agriculture – Credit: STEPS Centre. 3. Water – Credit: STEPS Centre.   4. Climate change and energy – Offshore Wind farm 2 Credit: Hans Hillewaert. 5.  Understanding sustainability –  Credit: Salome Wanyoike 6. Urbanisation – Credit: Aviram Sharma. 7. Research methods – Lady by board – Credit: Sally Brooks, STEPS Centre. 8. Resource politics – Drawn image – Credit: Bhagwati Prasad. 9. Governance and Policy – UN signs Credit: STEPS Centre. 10. Technology and Innovation – Picture of a makerspace via A. Smith