Gathering knowledges – Umbela Conversatorio #3

In connection with our 2021 Methods theme, the Mexico-based NGO Umbela – Transformaciones Sostenibles has held a series of online events on the theme of ‘Cultivating Knowledges’.

In this third event, the conversation focuses on Gathering knowledges.

‘Gathering knowledges’ is a conversation where we speak from the collective, from the organisations that have sown diverse seeds and that, with each cycle of cultivation, have collected mistakes, successes and understanding that have allowed them to evolve.

Audio: ‘Exquisite corpse’

Listen to an ‘exquisite corpse’ woven together from insights that emerged from the discussion. The text was written by Mariana Benítez and narrated by Hallie Eakin.


Highlights of the discussion (in Spanish, with English subtitles).

Read the whole post on the Umbela website.

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The Cultivating Knowledges series contributes to the STEPS Centre’s Methods theme in 2021. The webinars, led by Umbela together with LANCIS-IE-UNAM, IIMAS-UNAM and SOS-ASU, have explored alternative knowledge and belief systems with insights from Latin America, and how they can offer inspiration in ‘unlearning’ many of our inherited ways of seeing the world and universe around us.

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