This project aims to develop the scientific basis and participatory management processes by which groundwater resources can be used sustainably for poverty alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Visit the project website:…

Panorama with man and cattle, Arusha, Tanzania. Image: Felix Lankester

Livestock, Livelihoods and Health

Dates: 2014 – 2018 Livestock, Livelihoods and Health is an interdisciplinary research programme exploring diseases that can be transmitted from wild or domesticated animals to people (zoonoses). These diseases, as…

The Nexus Network

The STEPS Centre is a lead partner in The Nexus Network, an ESRC-funded initiative which brings together researchers, policy makers, business leaders and civil society to improve decision making on…

Man in turban stands by horned cattle.

Rift Valley Fever: policies to prepare and respond

This project compared the responses to two diseases – Rift Valley Fever (RVF) in East Africa, and BSE in the UK and European Union. These so-called transboundary animal diseases are…

Livelihoods after Land Reform

This project explores to what extent land redistribution in southern Africa is achieving poverty reduction and improving livelihoods.

EPSRC Regenerative Waste

Four-in-ten people live in hazardous conditions due to poor sanitation. Indeed, with half the population of developing regions without sanitation, United Nations goals of halving, by 2015, the proportion of…

Veterinary Science, Transboundary Animal Diseases and Markets

This project explores changes in livestock markets in Southern Africa, and what they mean for veterinary science, diseases and livelihoods of farmers and others.

Land Deal Politics Initiative (LDPI)

LDPI aims to provide in-depth and systematic enquiry into the ‘global land grab’ in order to have deeper, meaningful and productive debates around its causes and implications.

Future Agricultures Consortium: Agricultural Policy Research in Africa

The Future Agricultures Consortium is a multidisciplinary and independent learning alliance of academic researchers and practitioners involved in African agriculture. It aims to encourage dialogue and the sharing of good…