Land Deal Politics Initiative (LDPI)

LDPI aims to provide in-depth and systematic enquiry into the ‘global land grab’ in order to have deeper, meaningful and productive debates around its causes and implications.

The phrase ‘global land grab’ has become a catch-all to describe and analyse the explosion in transnational commercial land transactions. The reaction to this trend by state, corporate and civil society groups has been varied, moving between the extremes of seeing it as a major threat to the lives and livelihoods of rural people, to seeing it as an economic opportunity for the rural poor worldwide.

LDPI aims to:

  1. Generate in-depth research and systematize cross-national and cross-regional comparative studies
  2. Create a space for the mutually beneficial exchange of data, information and knowledge with other actors such as agrarian movements, independent think tanks, research institutions, development agencies, development policy experts and policy makers.

Ian Scoones, STEPS Centre co-director, is one of the members of the LDPI co-ordinating team.


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