New resource: Authoritarian populism and the rural world

Authoritarian populism and the rural world

Authoritarian populism is on the rise, claiming support from rural areas.

A new resource hosted by openDemocracy explores how authoritarian populism has taken hold, and how rural people are responding to it. A series of videos and articles features perspectives from scholars and activists from around the world.

Rural people are sometimes stereotyped as supporters of populist and exclusionary regimes. But there are many people and movements in rural spaces that are resisting or responding to regressive, authoritarian politics.

The videos and articles have been brought together on a special page on the openDemocracy website.

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A series of short video interviews with scholars and activists explores authoritarianism and resistance in various settings, including in India, South Africa, Myanmar and the USA, and across national borders.

Interviewees include Achin Vanaik, Constance Mogale, John Gaventa, Khin Zaw Win, Raj Patel, Ruth Nyambura, Stha Yeni, Zack Exley and Sofia Monsalve.


The articles include perspectives from Turkey, the USA, Guatemala, Russia, the UK, Colombia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brazil, Syria and India.

There is also an introductory article which sets out the context, ideas and rationale behind the series.

The series has been created by the Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative (ERPI) in partnership with openDemocracy. The ERPI held a conference on ‘Authoritarian Populism and the Rural World’ in March 2018.

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