Africa Sustainability Hub runs training for climate policy makers

The Africa Sustainability Hub is running a 2 week fully funded internship on 9-20 July for African policymakers on the preparation of Green Climate Fund (GCF) proposals. The GCF is the financial mechanism responsible for funding the implementation of UN climate policy.

Policy makers attending the course are from Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. The Africa Sustainability Hub is hosted at the Africa Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), and is running the event in partnership with the University of Sussex and the Institute of Climate Change Adaptation.

The course draws on the idea of Climate Relevant Innovation System Builders (CRIBS) developed by researchers associated with the University of Sussex and the Africa Sustainability Hub.

For more on CRIBS, see the blog post and papers developed by David Ockwell and Rob Byrne.


  1. Hello Nathan
    I have been looking for this kind of training for a while and I am really keen to participate in the next intake of your training. I was looking for one in the Netherlands but it was too expensive for me.
    Can you please advise on when will the next intake take place?
    thank you

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