Xochimilco and its wetlands: lessons from the earthquake of 2017

Xochimilco, México. Photo: Fotografía: Rocío Brito García, Oikos

Researchers of the STEPS Centre North America hub have published an article about its work relating to “chinampas” of Xochimilco, a very vast wetland in the peri-urban area of México City. This wetland has been modified through the centuries by the effect of agriculture and the pressure of Mexico, the second biggest city in America. The earthquake of 2017 had very rough effects on the population of the “chinampas”, and exposed their vulnerability as a socioeconomic and ecologic landscape.

The National Lab of Science of Sustainability (LANCIS) of the Institute of Ecology of UNAM is working with the communities from the transformations approach, with the aim of encouraging the sustainable development of this landscape. Through the Xochimilco Transformation Lab, they involve non-academic actors on participative processes of scientific research.

The complete article can be accessed in the website of Oikos, the Institute of Ecology journal (in Spanish): http://web.ecologia.unam.mx/oikos3.0/index.php/articulos/xochimilco

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