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Call for abstracts: ‘Post-automation’ Symposium, September 2019

A call for paper proposals has been issued for an international symposium on ‘post-automation’ at the University of Sussex in September 2019. STEPS members Adrian Smith (SPRU, University of Sussex) and Mariano Fressoli (Steps America Latina) are holding the symposium, on the theme of ‘Post-Automation? Exploring Democratic Alternatives to Industry 4.0’. The Symposium is hosted…

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Learning from rapid change in a warming world: Rapid Transition Alliance launches

A new initiative to learn from stories of rapid change is launched on 3 December, at the start of COP24, the UN’s annual global conference on climate change. The Rapid Transition Alliance explores the lessons from changes – over a scale of five to ten years – that represent transformations in finance, work, resources, food,…

New publication: T-Labs: A Practical Guide

The ESRC STEPS Centre and its partners have published a new guide to T-Labs (Transformation Labs). The 40-page guide draws on lessons from the Pathways Network, a project investigating new approaches for transformations to sustainability. Since 2016, the Pathways Network has convened T-Labs to respond to social-ecological problems in six countries (Argentina, Mexico, Kenya, China,…

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Ubuntu, collective seed: Bioleft project on the press

Two articles about Bioleft project and the first Bioleft seed, Ubuntu, were published last month on specialized n
n the press Bioleft project and

Africa Sustainability Hub runs training for climate policy makers

The Africa Sustainability Hub is running a 2 week fully funded internship on 9-20 July for African policymakers on the preparation of Green Climate Fund (GCF) proposals. The GCF is the financial mechanism responsible for funding the implementation of UN climate policy. Policy makers attending the course are from Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. The…

From common good to corporate ownership: The new strategy to modify the Seed Law

De bien común a propiedad corporativa: La nueva estrategia para modificar la Ley de Semillas By Maxi Goldschmidt Abstract This article reflects on the debate around the reform of Argentina’s Seed Law, and exposes the critical points of the project introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture and entities of the field. The current seed law, which…

Open Source Seeds

Semillas con código abierto By Juan Manuel Repetto Abstract Currently, the seed industry has a high level of concentration and only three business groups control more than half of the global seed trade. Therefore, a team of lawyers, sociologists, economists and geneticists, seek to democratize the production of food and develop alternatives in Argentina that…

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Citizen science and big data: join a panel at EASST 2018

Paper proposals are invited for a panel on citizen science, data and digital technology, as part of the next EASST Conference at Lancaster University, UK in July 2018. Among the organisers are Valeria Arza and Mariano Fressoli of STEPS América Latina. The panel is entitled Citizen science: active citizenship vs. data commodification. Paper proposals are…

Calestous Juma

Remembering Calestous Juma, scholar and champion of innovation

We are saddened to hear of the death of Prof Calestous Juma at the age of 64. Prof Juma had a huge influence on scholarship and public debate about science and innovation worldwide. Among his many achievements was the founding of the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) in 1995, a pioneering development research thinktank….

Geoff Oldham

Remembering Geoff Oldham

It is with deep regret and sadness that we share the news of the death of Professor Geoff Oldham, who passed away on Sunday 1 October 2017 at the age of 88. Geoff’s work on science and technology policy and developing countries is unparalleled. Among his extraordinary achievements was the co-founding, with Chris Freeman, of…