Ubuntu, collective seed: Bioleft project on the press

Ubuntu plant
The Bioleft project, the open seeds initiative developed by the Latin America hub, is getting the attention of the press. Last month the concept of an open system for participatory breeding was presented at Comunes meeting. In that occasion, researcher Anabel Marín emphasized the experience of the first Bioleft seeds transference, between breeders from the University of Buenos Aires and organizations of small-scale agriculture and indigenous people.
Vanina Lombardo, a journalist from TSS, a news agency focused in science and technology issues, covered the presentation and wrote an article on Bioleft and Ubuntu, the new seed transferred, under the headline “Collective seed”. The full story can be read (in Spanish) at http://www.unsam.edu.ar/tss/semilla-colectiva/
Ubuntu -a novel variety of white sweet clover (Melilotus albus), named after the African word that means a belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity- also caught the attention of Sobre la tierra, media specialized in agro news. Their story is here (also in Spanish): http://sobrelatierra.agro.uba.ar/ubuntu-la-nueva-semilla-con-codigo-abierto-de-la-fauba/

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