In turbulent times, how can science, technology and innovation be joined up?

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Co-operating across national borders is difficult, but the UN has recently been working on a more co-ordinated approach for science and technology to contribute to development goals. The rise of protectionist policies may make this harder, however, as some countries become less willing to share ideas and resources with others.

To explore the issues and suggest ways forward, STEPS member Adrian Ely (SPRU) is giving a keynote talk at the Eu-SPRI 2019 conference ‘Science, Technology and Innovation Policies for Sustainable Development Goals’ on 5-7 June.

Adrian’s talk is entitled “Science, Technology and Innovation in the 2030 Agenda – Towards a Co-ordinated Approach in Turbulent Times”:

The United Nations has recognised the role of science and technology in development since the 1960s, but only recently has it embarked on a process to co-ordinate activities across its agencies and other stakeholders through the Technology Mechanism for the SDGs. Beyond the UN system, working across regions and nation states with radically different histories, cultures and priorities presents inevitable challenges. These are exacerbated as cross-border innovation that has traditionally been enabled by the multi-lateral trading system comes under pressure from protectionist policies across the world. This keynote asks what a co-ordinated policy approach around STI for the SDGs should aspire to and points to new theory and evidence that offers hope in turbulent times.

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