Here you can download  the original 1970 Sussex Manifesto and access a variety of resources on Professor Geoff Oldham’s seminar on the writing of that document forty years ago.

>> The Sussex Manifesto on Wikipedia

 >> The 1970 Sussex Manifesto: Science and Technology to Developing Countries during the Second Development Decade (pdf 1.5MB)

 >> A copy of the full UN report – Science and Technology for Development: Proposals for the Second United Nations Development Decade is available. Email to request a copy (the Sussex Manifesto is Annex II)

>> Watch the video clip of Geoff Oldham’s  seminar (YouTube)

>> Watch the full-length video of Geoff Oldham’s  seminar (

>> Listen to the podcast of Geoff Oldham’s seminar

>> Read Geoff Oldham’s presentation (pdf 44kb)

>> Read the seminar blog

>>See photos (link to Flickr)