Symposium ’09: Session 1 – Themes, challenges and opportunities – international debates

This first session, chaired by Melissa Leach, introduced and contextualised the new manifesto project, outlining some of the assumptions of mainstream approaches and identifying opportunities and challenges for radical change.

IDRC, Science and Technology Policy Instruments Project

The Science and Technology Policy Instruments (STPI) project was an extensive research project organised by the International Development Research Centre on the implementation of science policy in developing countries. The STPI project studied the role of science and technology in economic development, particularly in the industrialization process, and looked at: mechanisms of policy formulation, decision making, and policy implementation; factors affecting technological change; and industrial administration.

The Sussex Manifesto (The Sussex Group Report)

The UN Advisory Committee commissioned a group of researchers at SPRU and IDS, deemed the ‘Sussex Group’, to produce a report on current issues in science and technology for development and to make some recommendations for the Second Development Decade and the associated World Plan of Action. The report was considered by some ACAST members to be too radical, hence earning the nickname ‘The Sussex Manifesto’.