The Entrepreneurial State and the Risk-Reward Nexus: Implications for Innovation and Inequality

Mariana Mazzucato, Professor of Economics, SPRU, University of Sussex, will give a STEPS Seminar on Tuesday 16 April on a new framework to study the relationship between innovation and inequality. Tuesday 16 April, 1pm-2.30pm University of Sussex, Brighton. Venue on campus to be confirmed. All welcome More details on the event page Overview of seminar Mariana Mazzucato, Professor of Economics and RM Phillips…


At last month’s seminar on Innovation, Sustainability and Development at NISTADS, participants reflected on the state of innovation in various fields – in food and agriculture, health, ICTs, low carbon technology, and at grassroots level. This is an invitation to talk more about the issues. For those who couldn’t make it to the seminar, or…


Our STEPS Water Seminar on 22 February is with Ana Cascão from Stockholm International Water Institute, who’s recently returned from working in Egypt and Sudan. Ana is a political scientist with a particular interest in the politics of water in the Middle East and North-East Africa. Her main research topic is the hydropolitics in the…

Symposium ’09: What happened

This is the first of a series of posts which put forward summaries of the sessions at the STEPS annual symposium 2009, especially the implications of these discussions for the shape and content of the new manifesto and for the wider project of which it forms a part. (You can also download the full Symposium…

STEPS Centre Symposium 2009

We live in a time of transformations. The collapse of the Washington “consensus”, the financial crisis, the rise of China and other emerging economies and, of course, the threat of global climate change call for a rethinking of existing institutions, structures and paradigms.

Padmashree Gehl Sampath on knowledge through IP

16 June 2009 – Dr Padmashree Gehl Sampath of the United Nations University gave a seminar entitled ‘Promoting Knowledge Generation through Intellectual property in Late Development’

Joanna Chataway on below the radar innovation

5 March 2009 – Joanna Chataway, Co-Director of the ESRC Innogen Research Centre, Development Policy and Practice, Open University gave a seminar entitled ‘Below the Radar’: A user and market driven account of disruptive (and constructive) innovation for low income users.

John Harris asks what science is for?

25 February 2009 – Professor John Harris, Director of the Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation (iSEI), The University of Manchester, gave a STEPS Manifesto Seminar on What is Science For?

Arie Rip on knowledge, research and innovation systems

19 February 2009 – Arie Rip, Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology in the School of Management and Governance of the University of Twente, gave a Manifesto seminar entitled, Putting the K  back in:  Knowledge, Research and Innovation Systems