India / Gates Foundation / Flickr Creative Commons

The STEPS Centre is delighted to have been granted new ESRC funding, running until 2016, following our first five years of research.

In this new phase we are launching eight exciting new research projects, a new domain – energy and climate change – and a new area of cross-cutting STEPS work, called methods and methodologies.

We are putting extra emphasis on our impact, communication and engagement work and we have launched this new website, showcasing the range of work that we, and our partners, are involved in.

We hope you enjoy exploring and sharing the website and look forward to hearing from you, and working with you, in the coming years.

New research projects:

  • Animal Disease Re-emerging transmissible transboundary animal diseases: comparing Rift Valley Fever with BSE
  • Carbon Political ecologies of carbon in Africa
  • Dams Dams, securitization, risks and the global water-energy-food nexus under climate change scenarios
  • Environmental Health Pathways for Environmental Health in Transitional Spaces: Moving Between Formality and Informality
  • Grassroots Grassroots innovation: historical and comparative perspectives
  • Intensification Responding to zoonotic and related diseases in intensifying livestock systems: diverse framings and pathways
  • Livestock A Socio-Technical Analysis of the Livestock Revolution: Innovation Pathways in Poultry Production in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Uncertainty Uncertainty from below and above