By JULIA DAY, STEPS Centre member

As 60 plus delegates from governments, farmer organisations, NGOs, business, academia and donor foundations across Africa and the wider world make thier way to Austria ahead of tomorrow’s Toward a Green Revolution in Africa conference, this might be a good time for a little rumination. Some perspectives on the future of African agriculture might help gather thoughts in the calm before the storm.

‘New Directions for African Agriculture’ are discussed by Ian Scoones, Stephen Devereux and Lawrence Haddad from the Future Agricultures Consortium, while Ian also takes a look at Governing Technology Development: Challenges for Agricultural Research in Africa.

Andrew Dorward puts forward his own personal persepctive in a hot topic article entitled A Green Revolution for Africa?

Meanwhile Norman E. Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1970 and professor of international agriculture at Texas A&M University, puts his perspective forward in an opinion piece headlined Dying Waves of Grain from this weekend’s International Herald Tribune,