By JULIA DAY, STEPS Centre member

Welcome to Salzburg, where this afternoon Kofi Annan is opening the Toward a Green Revolution in Africa conference with a speech that has called for a “uniquely African Green Revolution” founded on pro-poor policies with women as the crucial key.

As food prices escalate at an unprecedented rate and shortages worsen, the Former Secretary General of the United Nations and Chairman of the Board of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) called for a new approach to finding equitable solutions.

“To address poverty at its core, particularly in light of the growing threat of climate change, we need a uniquely African green revolution,” said Mr Annan. “Our farmers need better seeds, soils, and prices for what they sell. They need access to water, markets and credit. They need policies that accelerate rural economic growth, investment and job creation.”

“For decades African agriculture has been neglected, and the price for neglect is now glaring. But the changes required can only be realized if supported by bold pro-poor policies, both from African governments and their international partners,” Mr Annan added.

To have a look at Mr Annan’s full speech, log on to Future Agriculture Consortium. .

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