Are Elsevier corrupting open science in Europe?

Elsevier – one of the largest and most notorious scholarly publishers – are monitoring Open Science in the EU on behalf of the European Commission. Jon Tennant argues that they cannot be trusted.

Open Science is all about making science work better so that it can address the world’s challenges. It has been at the top of the EU’s agenda for some time. The European Commission has the ambitious target of achieving Open Access to all scientific publications by 2020. The development of the European Open Science Cloud and Open Science Policy Platform indicate that Open Science has entered the mainstream, shifting the process and governance of scholarly communication.

Now, the European Commission have launched an Open Science Monitor to help provide data on the development of Open Science in Europe. To their credit, the Commission have been relatively transparent about the methods and data sources used for this and who is involved. They are also inviting comments to improve the indicators.

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