Briefings on the Maize project

A set of 7 briefings was produced as part of our project on Environmental Change and Maize Innovations in Kenya.

The briefings cover the ideas, methods and results from the project, which looked at pathways in and out of maize for farmers and other actors in the maize industry in Kenya.

For more publications from this project, see the Maize project page.

Download the briefings

1: Environmental Change and Maize Innovation Pathways in Kenya: Seeking Resilience through Diversity
2: The STEPS Pathways Approach
3: MCM (Multi-Criteria Mapping) Maize Project Method
4: Maize Security does not equal Food Security? Breaking the ‘Lock in’ to the Dominant Maize Pathway
5: Orphans or Siblings? Opportunities and Constraints in Alternative Dryland Staple Crops
6: Living in Parallel Worlds? Bridging Formal and Informal Seed Systems
7: Getting the Value Without the High Risk? The Rise of Horticulture in Sakai