Bioleft Project in Comunes meeting

On August 15th, Anabel Marin presented the Bioleft project within the Comunes meeting, on behalf of an interdisciplinary team of members from CENIT, the University of Buenos Aires and CONICET. The meeting was held in Buenos Aires, where an audience of 50 people listened attentively, interested in free and collaborative culture.

It is the first time that Bioleft shows its seed initiative to a non-specialized public on agricultural issues. For this reason, the presentation highlighted the potential of Bioleft for collaborative improvement, the relevance of seeds and open testing networks. Among the audience were lawyers, free culture activists, members of Creative Commons Argentina, free software developers and specialized press.

The presentation time was short due to the avalanche of questions. The strengthening of relations with and among those who use the Bioleft system and the importance of establishing measures to comply agreements were highlighted as key points, as well as the concern regarding large seed companies and its policies.

Researcher Anabel Marin (CENIT/UNSAM-CONICET)

Gustavo Schrauf, head of Genetics at the University of Buenos Aires, told the story of the first Bioleft transfer: the melilotus albus seeds that his team recently delivered to authorities from FONAF (in spanish, Federación de Organizaciones Nucleadas de la Agricultura Familiar) and ONPIA (Organización de las Naciones y Pueblos Indígenas de la Argentina).

Anabel Marin said that Bioleft is in the initial stage and that each contribution and comment makes it grow. The audience showed great expectations for this innovative platform.