Ahead of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, we are asking academics, practitioners, policymakers and other stakeholders to tell us about the one sustainable development issue they would like to see addressed at Rio+20. At the World Water Forum in Marseille we gathered responses from delegates.
The videos on the STEPS Centre’s YouTube channel are among a range of new resources from the STEPS Centre published to coincide with World Water Day. You can read blogs here from our team at the 6th WWF as well as a post on water and sanitation from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) director Lawrence Haddad, on his own blog, Development Horizons.

We are holding a seminar at the IDS entitled Some for all? Politics and pathways in water and sanitation, launching a new edition of the IDS Bulletin, featuring work collected at the STEPS Centre’s 2011 water symposium.

The Bulletin focuses on STEPS work on water and sanitation, bringing together papers from participants at our 2011 Water Symposium, including Barbara Frost, Gourisankar Ghosh and Kamal Kar. A selection of papers from the Bulletin will be available to view online, for free, until 2 April.

You can also view a full list of the STEPS Centre’s STEPS water publications and resources. Or you can search via the publications page.

You can find out more about our water and sanitation work and our World Water Day and World Water Forum events on our website.

And, finally, we made a film called Water and Justice: Peri-urban Pathways about our water and sanitation work in New Delhi, India. You can watch a short 4 minute trailer or the longer 20 minute film via our website.