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  • Journal Article: Solar PV and solar water heaters in China: Different pathways to low carbon energy

    This review paper examines pathways towards solar energy in China by examining two different solar energy technologies, namely solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar water heaters (SWH). The paper investigates these two case studies to understand how different pathways for low carbon innovation are promoted and challenged by China’s changing financing and policy-making, and how they relate to changing practices among producers and consumers.

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  • Book: Grassroots Innovation Movements

    Download the Accepted Manuscript of Chapter 1 (pdf, Open Access) Innovation is increasingly invoked by policy elites and business leaders as vital for tackling global challenges like sustainable development. Often…

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  • Journal Article: Recognising sustainability frontiers in the peri-urban

    This article is concerned with the need to recognize the peri-urban as a frontier of urban sustainability, and to build a deep engagement with the processes of peri-urbanization into formal…

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  • Journal Article: Disembedding grain: Golden Rice, the Green Revolution, and heirloom seeds in the Philippines

    Golden Rice” has played a key role in arguments over genetically modified (GM) crops for many years. It is routinely depicted as a generic GM vitamin tablet in a generic plant bound for the global South. But the release of Golden Rice is on the horizon only in the Philippines, a country with a storied history and complicated present, and contested future for rice production and consumption. The present paper corrects this blinkered view of Golden Rice through an analysis of three distinctive “rice worlds” of the Philippines: Green Revolution rice developed at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the 1960s, Golden Rice currently being bred at IRRI, and a scheme to promote and export traditional “heirloom” landrace rice. More than mere seed types, these rices are at the centers of separate “rice worlds” with distinctive concepts of what the crop should be and how it should be produced. In contrast to the common productivist framework for comparing types of rice, this paper compares the rice worlds on the basis of geographical embeddedness, or the extent to which local agroecological context is valorized or nullified in the crop’s construction.

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  • Book: One Health: Science, politics and zoonotic disease in Africa

    Zoonotic diseases – pathogens transmitted from animals to people – offer particularly challenging problems for global health institutions and actors given the complex socio-ecological dynamics at play. New forms of…

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  • Miscellaneous: China’s Low Carbon Future Offers Global Opportunities

    by Sam Geall and Lulu Ning Hui with additional contributions from Isabel Hilton, Richard Black, Monica Wang, Yu Jie, Adrian Ely, David Tyfield and Frauke Urban How is China shifting…

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