Top of the Pops

I’ve been looking at the most-viewed posts on the blog since we started in January 2007 (with a post on pro-poor rice farming). It’s interesting to see how the blog’s developed since then, with a growing number of contributors, from visiting fellows and partners to speakers at our events.

A good number of the Top 10 are from the last few months (including Andy Stirling’s piece on Fukushima and selling nuclear safety), but there are some oldies there too, from topics as diverse as innovation theory, science in Venezuela, and water in peri-urban Delhi.

Here’s the list:

1) Neglected nuclear lessons by Andy Stirling
2) Challenges for the future of primary health care by Gerry Bloom
3) Feeding the Future? The foresight report on food and farming by John Thompson & Erik Millstone
4) Transitions: how good ideas go global by Adrian Smith
5) La ciencia y la tecnología en Venezuela: Reflexiones sobre un nuevo manifiesto by Enrique Cubero
6) Virus and beast: how one word changes everything by Nathan Oxley
7) Peri-urban futures and sustainability by Pritpal Randhawa, Lyla Mehta and Fiona Marshall
8) Indian villagers fight poor water services by designing their own systems by Alankar and Bhagwati, Sarai
9) Solar stoves: making things people actually use by Adrian Ely
10) What does peri-urban sustainability mean in the context of Delhi? by Fiona Marshall

Happy reading!

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