Summer School 2013 begins

Group discussion on transitions and grassroots innovation

Our annual Summer School has hit the ground running, with 40 students from around the world descending on Sussex to hear and challenge the STEPS Centre’s ideas on pathways to sustainability.

So far, we’ve had a mix of lectures and discussions on topics from the global political economy of climate change (with a guest lecture by the LSE’s Prof Michael Jacobs on Monday night) to innovation and transitions at grassroots level. 

This morning, Ian Scoones gave a whistlestop tour of thinking on policy processes. Many of us think we would like to change policy – or perhaps make it – but have we thought of what it actually is, and how it is shaped? As policies are developed and evolve, narratives, politics and practices overlap and interact. 

You can see a couple of photos from yesterday’s walkshop on the theme of ‘uncertainty’ through the Sussex countryside here and here. You can also follow highlights on our Storify feed and see participants’ comments on Twitter using the hashtag #sss13.

We’ll be posting video of Michael Jacobs’ climate change lecture soon. There’s also a chance to join in with the Summer School next Monday 20 May in Brighton, at a public debate on fuel poverty, climate change and social justice with Doug Parr (Greenpeace), Kirsty Alexander (Nuclear Industry Association), Jim Watson (UKERC) and Alice Bell (SPRU).
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