Training group in Lomerio

Research, convening and bridging: sharing insights from the ISSC’s Transformative Knowledge Networks

by Adrian Ely (co-lead, ‘Pathways’ Network), with contributions from Joanes Atela, Mirna Inturias, Dylan McGarry, Iokiñe Rodríguez & Patrick Van Zwanenberg Working with the World Social Science Council’s ‘Transformations to Sustainability’ programme brings the privilege of engaging with an incredible range of scholars and practitioners from across the globe. The programme’s three transformative knowledge networks…

Open Science discussion

How can open and collaborative knowledge help to build communities?

by Adrian Smith, STEPS Centre and Patrick van Zwanenberg, STEPS America Latina Experimentation with open and collaborative ways of creating knowledge is flourishing. How might the increasing interest in initiatives such as open science, open hardware and open data lead to a transformation in knowledge production? And could this enable more inclusive and sustainable approaches…

Mapping exercise in Cambodia

Putting research to use in addressing complex development challenges: are we ready?

by Marina Apgar and Boru Douthwaite The Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework that may open up space to move beyond the siloes of disciplines and sectors. Those of us inclined to see development as systemic and who, through our research practice, engage with stakeholders in the messiness of uncovering solutions to seemingly intractable problems…

People riding motorbikes in Chennai

The challenges of creating new visions for sustainable urbanisation in India

by Poonam Pandey, from the Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University. A two-day conference organised at Jawaharlal Nehru University, in collaboration with the STEPS centre, raised questions about how to bring about critical new thinking on sustainable urbanisation in India. For the creation of new visions for a sustainable city the foremost questions to be…

Call for participation: Engineering, social justice & peace, Argentina

The Network on Engineering, Social Justice and Peace (ESJP) has issued a call for participation ahead of its Annual Meeting in Buenos Aires in August 2014. STEPS Centre member Adrian Smith is among the speakers. Conference themes include: How can engineering and engineers contribute to community development? How can engineering and engineers contribute to the…

Association of African Women for Research and Development

The Association of African Women for Research and Development (AAWORD -Senegal) highlights the importance of women’s participation in politics and development.

Farmer First Workshop at IDS

Farmer First Workshop at IDS “Farmers and Agricultural Research: Complementary Methods”

Work within CGIAR using participatory approaches

Work within CGIAR system on technology development using participatory approaches, controversial though they were, gave empirical evidence of how participatory methods had been effective in influencing the priorities and content of research and extension programme.

Methods of Participatory Appraisal

Debates about Participatory Rural Appraisal and Rapid Rural Appraisal (henceforth PRA/RRA) may be marked as beginning at a workshop on RRA organised in 1980 by Robert Chambers at the Institute of Development Studies in Sussex.

Sharing Traditional Technology Project UNU

This project, initially supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), later taken up by the United Nations University (UNU), tried to explore how formal science and technology and its associated institutions interact with farmers and other rural inhabitants who have innovated for centuries, albeit in a different way and without the same institutional mechanisms.