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Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies

Marina Apgar is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies. She has 17 years of research and development experience that has involved her working directly with a range of marginalized communities in multiple continents and countries.

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New insights on navigating complexity in development

by Marina Apgar and Eric Kasper, Institute of Development Studies The challenges of development are complex. Insights about the nature of complexity – coming from various scientific disciplines – lead us to conclude that complex adaptive (social) systems cannot be managed in a formal top-down sense. The best we can do is to find ways…

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How do we ensure values are at the heart of resilience science?

We live and work now perhaps more than ever before in the time of science for transformation. This was the central theme of discussions in Stockholm during the Resilience 2017 and Sustainability Science conferences held back to back from 21-26 August. The transformative intention of these events is particularly relevant at this time of increasing…

Mapping exercise in Cambodia

Putting research to use in addressing complex development challenges: are we ready?

by Marina Apgar and Boru Douthwaite The Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework that may open up space to move beyond the siloes of disciplines and sectors. Those of us inclined to see development as systemic and who, through our research practice, engage with stakeholders in the messiness of uncovering solutions to seemingly intractable problems…