September 2017 People, patches, and parasites: the case of trypanosomiasis in Zimbabwe, was published in the journal Human Ecology. Co-authors include DDDAC partners Ian Scoones, Vupenyu Dzingirai, Neil Anderson, William Shereni and Susan Welburn.   june 2017 A Special Theme Issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, ‘One Health for a Changing World: zoonoses, ecosystems and human well-being’, showcases  work produced by the Drivers of Disease Consortium….


              Listen to Victor Galaz, co-lead of the Drivers of Disease political economy of knowledge and policy theme, and Assistant Professor at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, talking about disease scenarios and the launch of   A short video, A Wider Wellbeing, explains what the Drivers of Disease consortium is researching, how…