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Nov 08th, 2021
Nathan Oxley
An online knowledge exchange event for researchers and other participants in sustainability initiatives interested in transdisciplinary methods 8 November 2021 15.00 – 18.00 UTC/GMT Register for this event What methods can help to ‘open up’ and ‘broaden out’ pathways to sustainability, revealing alternatives to one-track visions of progress and expertise? This online methods ‘bazaar’ will...
Oct 15th, 2021
Ian Scoones
This is the second in a pair of blog posts focusing on tree planting, climate change and biodiversity. Read the first here. The first phase of the delayed Biodiversity Convention of the Parties (COP15) concludes today. In advance of the climate COP in Glasgow in November, there has been much talk of linking the twin...
Oct 14th, 2021
Nathan Oxley
Sussex Development Lecture by Ian Scoones, co-director of the STEPS Centre This lecture makes the argument for putting uncertainty at the centre of thinking and practice in development. This means rejecting a linear, technocratic framing and embracing the implications of uncertainty for today’s complex, dynamic world. Through a number of examples – from the fields...
Oct 14th, 2021
Ian Scoones
Tree planting and ‘nature-based’ solutions are presented as a way to address biodiversity and tackle climate change at a massive scale. But in some cases, these schemes can undermine livelihoods and harm ecologies. This is the first in a series of two blogposts by Ian Scoones, published in the week of the COP15 conference on...
Oct 13th, 2021
Adrian Ely
Edited by Adrian Ely Routledge, Pathways to Sustainability Series (2021) Open Access Read/Download this book Transformations to sustainability are increasingly the focus of research and policy discussions around the Sustainable Development Goals. However, the different roles played by transdisciplinary research in contributing to social transformations across diverse settings have been neglected in the literature. Transformative...
Oct 04th, 2021
Nathan Oxley
Last month’s UN Food Systems Summit was highly controversial. Back in July, around the pre-summit process, small-scale farmers and their allies raised concerns that the agenda was being set by corporations, investors and other powerful actors. On the day of the Summit itself, the alarm was raised again. The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right...
Aug 26th, 2021
Nathan Oxley
26 August 2021 at 17.00-18.30 (India time) This Roundtable brought together a panel of experts and key stakeholders to discuss the risks faced by India’s cities in the context of climate change and other uncertainties, and how to respond to them. The main objective of this Roundtable was to work with the participants to co-create...
Aug 21th, 2021
Nathan Oxley
21 August 2021 at 17.00 – 18.30 (India Time) A talk and an open discussion on the future of the Koli community in Mumbai. The panel consists of Kolis who are extremely passionate about the community and enthusiastic to work for the betterment of their people and their culture. Be a part of this discussion...
Aug 16th, 2021
Steps Admin
By Sumaiya Binte Anwar, Research Officer, ICCCAD; Mahmuda Akter, Research Officer, ICCCAD; Faizah Jaheen Ahmed Research Intern, ICCCAD “We are the people of coastal area, Our sufferings know no bounds, We have to survive fighting various disasters.” —Shagorika Mondol, song sung to pattachitra scroll on disaster awareness How do you creatively inform the community about...
Aug 15th, 2021
Nathan Oxley
15-22 August 2021 Organised by the Africa Research & Impact Network and Africa Sustainability Hub Deadline for applications: 1 June 2021 Full details (ARIN website) Application form Background In the Global South, ‘coloniality’ has long been associated with political rule over subordinated countries. 1. Struggles for ‘decoloniality’ have evolved from the undoing of colonial rule, to the...