Learning about ‘Engaged Excellence’ across a Transformative Knowledge Network

Journal Article

The ‘Pathways’ transformative knowledge network is an international group of research organisations, collaborating to explore processes of social transformation and to share insights across disciplines, cultures and contexts. Working across the domains of food, energy and water, the network is experimenting with new methods of research and engagement that both help to understand – and contribute to – transformations to sustainability.

This article outlines some of the early experiences of two hubs in the network (UK and Argentina) and reflects on the lessons learned for ‘engaged excellence’. It also describes how approaches to transdisciplinary research (building on a diversity of academic and non-academic traditions) vary across different contexts, and how wider lessons in this regard will be shared across the consortium into the future.

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About this article

This article is part of an IDS Bulletin issue on ‘Learning about Engaged Excellence’, and draws on the work of the Pathways Network funded by the International Social Science Council, in which STEPS is a core partner. The IDS Bulletin is the flagship publication of the Institute of Development Studies, and went fully open access in 2016.