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Anabel Marin is a researcher specialising in innovation and development. Her initial training is in economics and she has a master’s degree in development and a PhD in science and technology policy studies (Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex). Between 2007 and 2008 she worked as a Research Fellow at SPRU. Since 2010, she has been a researcher for the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Argentina, and teaches at the University of Buenos Aires and University of Mar del Plata. She also leads several research projects in Latin America about sustainability in agriculture and the future of seeds. She is a member of the STEPS America Latina hub of the Pathways to Sustainability Global Consortium.

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a woman in a mask walks in front of a shuttered storefront in Buenos Aires

Coronavirus, crisis and the real Argentine economy: post-pandemic challenges

This article was first published in Spanish in the newspaper Pagina12 on 10 May 2020. Read the original article A window of opportunity is opening to reshape the organization of…

Experimentation to action: how Bioleft is helping to grow an open source seed culture

by Almendra Cremaschi, Patrick van Zwanenberg & Anabel Marin The seed breeding initiative Bioleft has received funding to work with more varieties of seeds in Argentina, and to develop a…

Bioleft open seeds transference. Photo: Ana María García.

From digital commons to nurturing social relationships: How to practice open source ideas with seeds?

What happens when you try to transfer open source ideas beyond the digital world? In Argentina we organized a workshop on open hardware and immediately afterward an event on open seeds. Some of the difficulties involved in transferring open source ideas from virtual to more material settings, and from communities of practitioners comfortable with networked, digital culture, to those that are less so, were readily apparent.

Ubuntu seeds transference - Bioleft

Argentina’s ‘Bioleft’ project shares its first open source seeds

Seeds were transferred from researchers to farmers for the first time under a new kind of open source transfer contract, called Bioleft, .

BioLeft: experimenting with open source seed innovation in Argentina

by Patrick van Zwanenberg and Anabel Marin (Conicet / Cenit / UNSAM) It is sometimes said that plant breeders breed their aspirations about how agricultural production systems ought to function…