The governance of sociotechnical transformations to sustainability

This article was produced as part of the Governance of Sociotechnical Transformations (GoST) project. The contribution makes use of a sociotechnical imaginaries (STI) framework to expose crucial but neglected governance issues in sociotechnical areas of key relevance to sustainability transformations such as energy systems. It explores how the STI concept can contribute to understanding transformations…

Response to DEFRA Consultation on ‘The regulation of genetic technologies’

by Adrian Ely, Erik Millstone, Dominic Glover, Alice Livingston Ortolani, Andy Stirling, Sung Kyu Kim, Michael Hopkins, David Eggleton, Ruth Segal, Katerina Psikaridou and Divya Sharma Response to the Defra consultation on the regulation of genetic technologies, submitted in March 2021. Download (PDF)

Three ways of understanding social transformations to sustainability

This knowledge brief was published by the International Science Council’s Transformations to Sustainability programme. Download this briefing The enormity, complexity and urgency of the global targets enshrined in the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are widely acknowledged. However, even with calls for transformations to sustainability resounding around the globe, it is often…

The Green Revolution and Poverty in Northern Tamil Nadu: a Brief Synthesis of Village-Level Research in the Last Half-Century

In this paper, a corpus of research is revisited to reinterpret how poverty in Northern Tamil Nadu was theorised and analysed, and to synthesise and compare the findings. The extensive scope of poverty concepts and processes studied over the decades constitutes the appendix.

The Politics of Uncertainty: Challenges of Transformation

ISBN 9780367903350 Published July 15, 2020 by Routledge Pathways to Sustainability book series Open access This book is available as an Open Access e-book. Individual chapters can also be downloaded free of charge. Read the book Articles COVID-19 and the Futility of Control in the Modern World Andy Stirling and Ian Scoones, Issues in Science…

A New Policy Narrative for Pastoralism? Pastoralists as Reliability Professionals and Pastoralist Systems as Infrastructure

This paper proposes that pastoralist systems are better treated, in aggregate, as a global critical infrastructure. The policy and management implications that follow are significant and differ importantly from current pastoralist policies and recommendations. A multi-typology framework is presented, identifying the conditions under which pastoralists can be considered real-time reliability professionals in systems with mandates preventing or otherwise avoiding key events from happening. The framework leads to a different policy-relevant counternarrative to pastoralism as understood today. Some features of the counternarrative are already known or have been researched. The paper’s aim is to provoke further work (including case research and interactions with decision-makers) on how robust the counternarrative is as a policy narrative for recasting today’s pastoralist policy and management interventions.

Transforming Access to Clean Technology: Learning From Lighting Africa

The working paper analyses the case of Lighting Africa, which successfully transformed access to solar lighting in Kenya and, as far as we are aware, conceptualises and illustrates for the first time Lighting Africa’s approach. This builds on past STEPS research that focusses on building sociotechnical innovation systems.

Beyond Technical Fixes: climate solutions and the great derangement

Nightingale, A.J., Eriksen, S., Taylor, M., Forsyth, T., Pelling, M., Newsham, A., Boyd, E., Brown, K., Harvey, B., Jones, L., Kerr, R.B., Mehta, L., Naess, L.O., Ockwell, D., Scoones, I., Tanner, T. and Whitfield, S. (2019) Climate and Development, 2019 Climate change research is at an impasse. The transformation of economies and everyday practices is…

What is Uncertainty and Why Does it Matter?

STEPS Working Paper 105 April 2019 Uncertainty defines our times. Whether it is in relation to climate change, disease outbreaks, financial volatility, natural disasters or political settlements, every media headline seems to assert that things are uncertain, and increasingly so. Uncertainty, where we do not know the probabilities of either likelihoods or outcomes, is different…

Engineering and Sustainability: Control and Care in Unfoldings of Modernity

SPRU Working Paper series SWPS 2019-06 (February) Forthcoming as a chapter in Diane P. Michelfelder and Neelke Doorn (eds), Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Engineering, London: Routledge, 2019 This chapter explores some underlying issues bearing on relationships between engineering and Sustainability. It aims to help point towards ways in which engineering practice might avoid some…