Climate Technology and Development Project

This collaborative project’s aim is to refocus national and international policy agendas in order to improve the prospects for enhancing technology development, diffusion and transfer.

The overarching question that the project seeks to address is: What are the conditions for innovation for climate-compatible development in different contexts (emerging industry, the rising middle class, the base of the pyramid) in developing countries? In the process, the project examines practical options for international technology initiatives (in particular the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism and Climate Innovation Centres), as well as seeking intervention points for firms and policymakers in global technology value chains.

This research links closely to work underway in the STEPS Centre energy and climate change domain concerning pro-poor pathways to energy sustainability.

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This is a collaborative project between

  • Rob Byrne, STEPS Centre and the Sussex Energy Group at SPRU
  • Gabriel Blanco, Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
  • Ambuj Sagar, Indian Institute for Technology in Delhi
  • Kelly Gallagher, Tufts University in the USA
  • Heleen de Coninck, University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands
  • Laura Würtenberger, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands

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