New online exhibition: ‘Extracting Us’

The online exhibition ‘Extracting Us’ brings together different visions and responses to extractivism from feminist perspectives.

The curators are keen to emphasise different ways of seeing, linking to further information and solidarity, and challenge conventional narratives and forms of representation.

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of online conversations – details are on the Extracting Us website. One of the exhibits is a series of photos from the STEPS-affiliated TAPESTRY project, which explores work with fishing communities in Mumbai, and draws on a Photovoice conducted there.

The exhibition is linked to the POLLEN conference in September 2020, but has been organising a number of events & conversations to explore the issues.

Extracting Us website

NATURES: our theme for 2020

NaturesNature is all around us, but there are many ways of seeing different kinds of ‘natures’, and many efforts to involve it in forms of control or domination.

How is talk of crisis shaping nature and people’s views of it? How can colonial forms of knowledge, technology and power be challenged, and what might it mean to ‘decolonize’ the study of environmental change? What do alternatives look like, and how can we explore, nurture, imagine and live the relationships we might want for the future? 

Find out more about our theme for 2020 on our Natures theme page.

Explore the Natures theme

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