Solar training in a village in Bangladesh

5 Challenges for least developed countries in the post-2015 era

2016 has been a big year for international agreements on development. New Sustainable Development Goals and targets were agreed. The Paris Agreement, the strongest statement for some time on climate change action, was signed. But if the aspirations in them are to be fulfilled, hard work is needed. This hard work should benefit the poorest…

Credit: STEPS Centre

A year of STEPS: 2015 highlights

As it’s nearing the end of 2015, here are some highlights you may have missed from the STEPS Centre’s last 12 months. We’ll see you next year! Our coverage of the COP21 climate conference STEPS members wrote blogs, organised events and reflected on the future of climate change action around the Paris conference in December….

Image of a part of the cover page of the Technopolitan magazine

‘African Technopolitan’ July 2015 features STEPS work on climate innovation

STEPS thinking on low carbon development is profiled in the latest issue of the African Technopolitan [PDF]the flagship magazine from ACTS (the host of our Africa Sustainability hub). David Ockwell and Rob Byrne’s contribution is an article on ‘Climate Relevant Innovation System Builders’ (CRIBS), previously profiled in a STEPS blog. A peer-reviewed article on this…

Solar installation in Zambia

Africa Sustainability Hub will promote low carbon opportunities

A new African sustainability research hub will make a “huge contribution” to promoting low carbon economic development in Kenya, according to a speech on Wednesday 10th June by Hon. Henry Rotich, Cabinet Secretary of the National Treasury. The speech was delivered by Prof Judi Wakhungu, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, at…

Picture of a boat on the Shihmen Reservoir

Jeremy Allouche on BBC’s ‘Today’ Programme: Taiwan and global water reserves

STEPS member and IDS fellow Jeremy Allouche discussed global water reserves on this morning’s Today Programme on BBC Radio 4. The discussion comes in the context of Taiwan’s planned restrictions on water supplies to two of its cities. From the Today website: “The public’s water supply in two northern Taiwan cities will be stopped two…

Can Chinese innovation help address the climate crisis?

New research project explores lessons for ‘low carbon innovation’ from world’s biggest polluter A unique new UK-China project launches today, investigating the social and political drivers and implications of low-carbon innovation in China, the world’s largest carbon dioxide emitter by volume, rather than focusing on technical change alone. To mitigate climate change worldwide we need…