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24th June 2020 / Climate Change & Energy, Global Consortium news, Governance & Policy, Health & Disease, Research methods, Resource politics

A manifesto for models: New Nature Comment article

A new comment article in Nature by a group of authors, including STEPS co-director Andy Stirling (SPRU), takes the form...
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12th June 2020 / Food & Agriculture

World Day Against Child Labour: thinking about choices and harms

On the UN's World Day Against Child Labour, a new comment piece argues that the current narrative of ‘child labour’...
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28th May 2020 / Europe Hub news, Pastoralism

IDS Bulletin: Fifty Years of Research on Pastoralism and Development

Pastoralism is a way of life for millions of people around the world, farming livestock in wide geographical areas and...
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20th May 2020 / Europe Hub news, Governance & Policy

Andy Stirling on Covid-19, modernity and control: video

STEPS co-director Andy Stirling gave an online talk on 15 May 2020 exploring ideas about modernity and the 'futilities of...
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29th April 2020 / Europe Hub news, Health & Disease

Podcast: The Social Dynamics of Pandemics

The global pandemic Covid-19 is impacting people in many and varied ways. The effects on all our lives are immense...
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15th January 2020 / Climate Change & Energy, Europe Hub news, Governance & Policy, Resource politics

IDS podcast: The Politics of Green Transformations

In this month’s edition of the Institute of Development Studies podcast, Between the Lines, IDS Director Melissa Leach, STEPS co-director...
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14th November 2019 / Europe Hub news, Research methods, Understanding sustainability

STEPS Uncertainty Podcast

The STEPS Uncertainty Podcast is a series of four conversations recorded with participants after our symposium in July 2019, available...
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Group discussion outside
17th October 2019 / Global Consortium news, Research methods

Apply now: STEPS Summer School 2020

The ninth and final STEPS Summer School on Pathways to Sustainability will take place on 11-22 May 2020 in Brighton,...
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11th October 2019 / Africa Hub news, China Hub news, Europe Hub news, Global Consortium news, Latin America Hub news, North America Hub news, South Asia Hub news

STEPS at Transformations 2019

Members of the STEPS Centre, including the global consortium, will be presenting at and facilitating various sessions at Transformations 2019...
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23rd September 2019 / Climate Change & Energy, Europe Hub news, Research methods, South Asia Hub news

Local knowledge and ideas are key to action on climate disruption

Press release, 20 September 2019 Vulnerable coastal areas of South Asia face a ‘perfect storm’ of increasing climate uncertainties combined...
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