STEPS Symposium 2013 – Speaker presentations

The 2013 STEPS Symposium, Credibility Across Cultures: expertise, uncertainty and the global politics of scientific advice, was held in February 2013 at the University of Sussex.

Slides from the speakers can be viewed below.

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Day 1

Session 1: Promises and paradoxes of scientific authority



Session 2: Whose expertise counts? Challenging hierarchies amongst disciplines, professions and publics



Keynote lecture

Prof Anne Glover’s lecture was given to a public audience at the end of Day 1.


Day 2

Session 3: Beyond Rio+20: improving global structures for scientific advice



Session 4: From MDGs to SDGs: aspirations, evidence and diversity in setting global goals



Session 5: Power, plurality and uncertainty: opening up expert advice



Keynote lecture


Symposium home  |  Video  |  Resources  |  Photos  |  Storify  |  Blog


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