By JULIA DAY, STEPS Centre member

The conference defined some critical points of leverage, where delegates and their organisations can achieve a sustainable impact on priorities.The essential ingredients of a Green Revolution in Africa, definition of priorities, desirable outcomes and the points at which value-added initiatives can have an impact have taken shape here in Salzburg. Importantly, some of the competing priorities and unresolved issues and knowledge gaps have been identified.

Strategic alliances among many stakeholders and initiatives have been strengthened and the desire to work together, in partnership, to add value to the future of agriculture in Africa, was repeated time and again.

The momentum continues tomorrow (Saturday 3 May) at the follow-on seminar – ‘A Green Revolution in Africa: What Framework for Success?’ where delegates will revise and refine the work set in motion over the past three days. Then a series of sub-regional meetings in Africa will ground the debate firmly on the continent’s soil.

For news updates on the conference, seminar, sub-regional meetings and all the work around this theme going forward see:

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