Pollution in the Hindon River

This month, the Hindustan Times featured a short series of articles about the Hindon river and its tributaries. The Hindon runs through Ghaziabad, one of the study sites in our project on Risks and Responses to Urban Futures.

The paper reports that the waters of the Hindon are severely depleted after groundwater extraction, and pollution is widespread in the river itself and its tributaries. Sewage is a major contributor to this pollution. Activists have been working to draw attention to the environmental problems and, in some cases, carry out clean up operations.

Hindustan Times articles are not open access, but links to some introductory material from the paper are below.

Locals say Hindon will flow no more (14 July 2015)

Krishni: A river of deaths and diseases (15 July 2015)

Hindon tributary chokes under garbage (16 July 2015)