The title of this year’s STEPS conference is “Pathways to Sustainability: Agendas for a new politics of environment, development and social justice”. It’s on 23-24 September at the Institute of Development Studies.

Here’s how to participate in the conference.

This year’s conference is around 5 themes:
* Contesting sustainabilities
* Framing narratives
* Dynamics and sustainability
* Uncertainty, ambiguity and surprise
* Pathway-building and governance

There’s detail of all of those themes on the STEPS website (link below), and who to write to if you want to submit a paper.

We’re inviting papers around the themes, as well as other forms of participation: there will be keynote speakers and panel sessions, but also five-minute “soapbox” talks, poster presentations, video and other multi-media throughout the event.

> STEPS Conference 2010: Pathways to Sustainability
> Call for participation
> Conference background and draft programme (PDF)