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Research Fellow

Gordon McGranahan is a multidisciplinary researcher, with a doctorate in development/economics, and more than three decades of experience working on urban issues and urban sustainability.

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Painting of the pre-Columbian city of Tenochtitlan in Mexico.

Things can change: history and transformations to sustainability

by Nathan Oxley, Jonathan Dolley, Shilpi Srivastava and Gordon McGranahan This is one in a series of four blog posts exploring ideas and case studies on ‘transformations’, drawing on research…

A woman walks along a pipe with a bucket in her hand.

The New Urban Agenda and its 47 inclusions

  Inclusion can be a powerful term, particularly when applied to cities and urbanisation. It focuses attention on the means through which exclusion and inequality are produced and reproduced, and…

Image of a car on a dusty street.

In the world’s poorest countries, cities could be the test for the Sustainable Development Goals

Ahead of a dialogue event on 13 June, STEPS member Gordon McGranahan discusses how the Sustainable Development Goals present challenges and opportunities for urbanisation in the world’s Least Developed Countries…