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Reader in Technology & Sustainability and Director of Training, Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU)

Adrian's areas of interest include environmental impacts of GM crops, frameworks for biotechnology regulation, risk and uncertainty in policy-making around new technologies and innovation for sustainable development.

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Rethinking regulation in China: decisions facing farmers

By ADRIAN ELY, STEPS Centre member See more photos from this project on our Flickr site The oilseed flowering season is almost over in central China, and cotton planting has started. Farmers first grow seedlings in nursery patches on the sides of their fields, before transplanting to a larger area after oilseed has been harvested….


By ADRIAN ELY, STEPS Centre member The Financial Times today has a special report by Jamil Anderlini on the Three Gorges Dam in Hubei Province, China. The report covers several of the issues raised in an earlier blog following my visit to the dam in June, arguing that the environmental and social impacts of the…

Cotton farming in Hubei province

By ADRIAN ELY, STEPS Centre member In Hubei Province, I was fortunate to be able to visit two villages and, with the help of an interpreter, talk to several local people about their perspectives on local agri-environmental conditions and the prospects for rural development. Whilst expressing their appreciation of some of the government’s policies, it…