By Julia Day Our New Manifesto project is now live, with 13 new papers, a new microsite and a wiki-timeline mapping over 50 years of science and innovation for development. Contributions are most welcome to the project, which is an attempt not just to devise recommendations for future policies that allow environmentally sustainable and pro-poor…


By Julia Day As December’s UN conference on climate change creeps ever closer, an exclusive story in today’s Guardian reveals that a dispute bewteen the US and Europe over treaty rules is threatening progress and weaken a deal at COP15. The story by environment correspondent David Adam, reveals: “Differences have emerged over the structure of…


In developing countries, debates around transgenic crops have tended to focus on biosafety and its regulation at the risk of ignoring broader ethical concerns. A new project by the STEPS Centre, is exploring how to open-up these debates among civil society actors. The Institute of Development Studies has featured an article by Sally Brooks, convenor…

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STEPS Centre Symposium 2009

We live in a time of transformations. The collapse of the Washington “consensus”, the financial crisis, the rise of China and other emerging economies and, of course, the threat of global climate change call for a rethinking of existing institutions, structures and paradigms.

Background paper / Innovation Capabilities and Directions of Development

By Martin Bell The central challenge in the original Sussex Manifesto centred on massively increasing the developing countries’ scientific and technological capabilities for creating new knowledge and shaping the technologies they used. It also stressed the need for radical change in the national and international contexts within which those capabilities would be accumulated and used.

Background paper / Direction, Distribution and Diversity! Pluralising Progress in Innovation, Sustainability and Development

By Andy Stirling Notions of ‘progress’ pervade the modern world. Yet, ‘north’ and ‘south’ alike, policymaking for progress in innovation, sustainability and development tends to be ambiguous. Politicians speak of “the way forward”, without saying which way. History is viewed as a “race to advance technology”, without stating the particular direction.

Background paper / The Original ‘Sussex Manifesto’: Its Past and Future Relevance

By Adrian Ely and Martin Bell The original “Sussex Manifesto” called for radical change in international debate and action about harnessing science and technology to development.

Background paper / Low Carbon Development: The Role of Local Innovative Capabilities

By David Ockwell, Adrian Ely, Alexandra Mallett, Oliver Johnson and Jim Watson The term “development” is synonymous with economic growth. Theory and empirical evidence suggests decoupling energy use from economic growth is unlikely, implying an urgent need to decarbonise energy use and supply if developing nations are to be protected from the impacts of climate…

Background paper / Emerging Technologies and Opportunities for International Science and Technology Foresight

By Patrick Van Zwanenberg, Adrian Ely, Andy Stirling This background paper focuses on the potential role that international science and technology ‘foresight-type’ activities might play in informing decision-making processes about innovation, development and emerging technologies.