Background paper / Going with the Flow? Directions of Innovation in the Water

By Synne Movik and Lyla Mehta Water and sanitation issues are looming large on the international agenda, not least due to the impetus created by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to halve, by 2015, the proportion of the world’s population who do not have access to clean water and adequate sanitation.

Background paper / Science and Technology for Health: Towards Universal Access in a Changing World

By Gerald Bloom Most anti-colonial movements in the second half of the 20th Century promised to provide universal access to health services. The Alma Ata Declaration of 1978 presented a consensus view of how governments could deliver on this promise.

Background paper / Reforming the Global Food and Agriculture System: Towards a Questioning Agenda for the New Manifesto

By Erik Millstone, John Thompson, Sally Brooks In the face of the pressing challenges posed by hunger, malnutrition and the vulnerability of our food system, it is imperative that radical reforms to the food system are articulated and implemented.

Background paper / Manifesting Utopia: History and Philosophy of UN Debates on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development

By Esha Shah This paper revisits a series of key moments in the last 50 years of UN debates on science and technology for sustainable development. It reflects on the genealogy of tropes of development and the ways in which these have been equated with science, technology, and innovation.

Background paper / Silver Bullets, Grand Challenges and the New Philanthropy

By Sally Brooks, Melissa Leach, Henry Lucas, Erik Millstone Whether generic ‘silver bullet’ solutions can address complex development problems has been debated for many years.

Background paper / Centres of Excellence? Questions of Capacity for Innovation, Sustainability, Development

By Melissa Leach and Linda Waldman This paper explores what ‘mainstream’ Centres of Excellence might mean for developing countries and poor people.