By Julia Day

Our New Manifesto project is now live, with 13 new papers, a new microsite and a wiki-timeline mapping over 50 years of science and innovation for development.

Contributions are most welcome to the project, which is an attempt not just to devise recommendations for future policies that allow environmentally sustainable and pro-poor innovation pathways to flourish, but to build an alliance of networks intersted in this area.

It is quick and easy to contribute key publications or events to the wiki-timeline – you just have to fill in a form and press ‘send’ – we will do the rest. So there is no grappling with time-consuming registration. Hopefully the timeline will be a useful resource – there are already over 70 key dates on it.

Also on the new microsite is information on how to organise a Manifesto round table event. We have several events taking place around the world this autumn, and have produced a convenor’s pack to make staging an event, big or small, as easy as possible.

You can also find multimedia material from the New Manifesto seminar series – video and audio clips and presentations. Have a look, and do join in the debate, either here on the blog or by emailing [email protected]