UNU-IAS: S&T for Sustainable Societies

This initiative by the United Nations University – Institute of Advanced Studies is based on the premise that “the solution to the twin challenges of global poverty and climate change could be found through science, technology and sustainable innovation.” (UNU-IAS website)

The initiative highlights the particular importance of international governance of science and technology, and suggests that “we have at our disposal right now the scientific knowledge, research skills and innovation capability to counter these challenges [of poverty and climate change]. What we lack is the will and the foresight to implement a new governance mechanism for scientific knowledge production; markets that are accountable to the management and diffusion of technology; and a fair and equitable distribution of innovation on a global scale.” (UNU-IAS website)



UNU-IAS website: http://www.ias.unu.edu/sub_page.aspx?catID=854&ddlID=847