National Innovation Council for Competitiveness, Chile

The National Innovation Council for Competitiveness is a public-private partnership that acts as permanent adviser to the President of the Republic of Chile.

Symposium ’09: Session 4 – Internationalisation of science, technology and innovation policy – what room for “constitutional” reform?

In response to the set of proposals put forward in the New Manifesto (outlined by Andy Stirling), this session, chaired by Adrian Ely, discussed the potential for reform of institutions…

Symposium ’09: Session 3 – What opportunities are presented by the global redistribution of innovative activity?

This session was chaired by Martin Bell and discussed the opportunities and challenges resulting from the emergence of new centres of science and innovation.

Symposium ’09: Session 2 – Grassroots/bottom up innovation – how to facilitate emergence and flourishing

The second session, chaired by Ian Scoones, took forward one of the focal points of the new manifesto, that innovation is already occurring across the world in forms that are…

Background paper / The Original ‘Sussex Manifesto’: Its Past and Future Relevance

By Adrian Ely and Martin Bell The original “Sussex Manifesto” called for radical change in international debate and action about harnessing science and technology to development.

Background paper / Silver Bullets, Grand Challenges and the New Philanthropy

By Sally Brooks, Melissa Leach, Henry Lucas, Erik Millstone Whether generic ‘silver bullet’ solutions can address complex development problems has been debated for many years.

Background paper / Centres of Excellence? Questions of Capacity for Innovation, Sustainability, Development

By Melissa Leach and Linda Waldman This paper explores what ‘mainstream’ Centres of Excellence might mean for developing countries and poor people.

‘The Uncertain Quest: Science, Technology, and Development’

Salomon, J.J.; Sagasti, F.R.; Sachs-Jeantet, C. and (eds) The uncertain quest: science, technology, and development. Tokyo: United Nations University Press, 1994.

IDRC, Science and Technology Policy Instruments Project

The Science and Technology Policy Instruments (STPI) project was an extensive research project organised by the International Development Research Centre on the implementation of science policy in developing countries. The STPI project studied the role of science and technology in economic development, particularly in the industrialization process, and looked at: mechanisms of policy formulation, decision making, and policy implementation; factors affecting technological change; and industrial administration.

‘Views of Science, Technology and Development’

This book includes a chapter on ‘Views from Developing Countries’ with contributions by Ashok Parthasarathi, Francisco Sagasti, Hyung-Sup Choi, and others; a chapter on ‘Views from Developed Countries’ including a copy of the draft Sussex Report for the UN Development Decade, and a chapter on ‘the Green Revolution’.