Mike Hulme on planetary boundaries and other metaphors

Spaceship Earth? Photo: NCC-1701-A by tram_painter on Flickr (cc-by-nc-nd) Prof Mike Hulme has a thoughtful post on the UEA’s 3S blog today on how metaphors affect the way we think (about science and other things), reflecting on a recent talk by Johan Rockström packed with imagery about planetary boundaries, tipping points and other engaging ideas….

Crossing swords over science

Kendo practice / gratapictures / Flickr (cc-by-nc) By Nathan Oxley, STEPS Centre Why do words matter in the politics of science? The topic of language kept coming back again and again at the STEPS Symposium on evidence, uncertainty and science advice. It isn’t about arguing over semantics: words are bound up in how we think,…


by Nathan Oxley, Impact, Communications & Engagement officer, STEPS Centre I’ve posted about framings before – how people’s choices are affected by the way an issue is explained to them. Here’s a little comic I made to illustrate the idea (click the image to enlarge). >> Related: Virus or beast: how one word changes everything