The Rising Powers: Clean Development and the Low Carbon Transition in sub-Saharan Africa

This interdisciplinary research project examined how, why and to what extent the Rising Powers (specifically China, India and Brazil) are enabling the transition to low carbon energy systems in Southern Africa.

The project explored the range of actors, institutions, partnerships and policy-making processes involved in these contemporary forms of ‘South-South’ co-operation and technology transfer and aims to identify the key interests and beneficiaries being served here. It ran from 2013 – 2015.

The project was part of the ESRC’s Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures programme.



Workshop  – Realising the Transition: Addressing the challenges of low carbon energy and development in Africa

Project team

Power, Marcus (Principal investigator)
Bulkeley, Harriet (Co-investigator)
Newell, Peter (Co-investigator)
Smith, Adrian (Co-investigator)
Kirshner, Joshua Daniel (Researcher)
Baker, Lucy (Researcher)

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