Governance of Discontinuity in Technological Systems (DiscGo)

This is a collaborative project involving Andy Stirling, co-director of the STEPS Centre and SPRU, Pierre-Benoit Joly at INRA in Paris, Peter Stegmaier at TSG in Dortmund and led by Stefan Kuhlmann in Twente. DiscGo website About the project With the Sussex research focusing on the particular case of nuclear energy, the project as a whole seeks…

Climate Geoengineering Governance

The Climate Geoengineering Governance (CGG) project was a collaboration between the Universities of Oxford and Sussex and University College London, which worked between July 2012 and December 2014.  The project was funded by two UK Research Councils: Economic and Social (ESRC), and Arts and Humanities (AHRC). STEPS members Andy Stirling and Rose Cairns were among…

Community Innovation for Sustainable Energy

Exploring the extent of networking between small-scale, sustainable energy projects led by local communities in the UK, the project asks whether and how this networking assists in the innovation of community energy. Funded by the EPSRC and EdF, the project also assesses the performance of projects and provides independent advice to policy-makers and energy businesses…

Climate Technology and Development Project

This collaborative project’s aim is to refocus national and international policy agendas in order to improve the prospects for enhancing technology development, diffusion and transfer. The overarching question that the project seeks to address is: What are the conditions for innovation for climate-compatible development in different contexts (emerging industry, the rising middle class, the base of…

Biochar and Anthropogenic Dark Earths

This project investigates how charred carbon (biochar) is used to enrich soil by African farmers, and how it is being discussed and promoted as a potential solution to environmental problems.

Environmental change and maize innovations in Kenya

Maize is seen as a vital part of food security in East Africa. In the context of climate change, market uncertainty and changes in land use, how can farmers and others choose different crops or alternative methods for growing maize?

Political ecologies of carbon in Africa

This project examines the power, politics and perceptions of carbon in Africa as new schemes are planned and put into action.